• 2012 Reel

    My 2012 film reel focuses on the diversity of styles of films I have created. From Documentary to Narrative to Commercial work I have had the opportunity to create so much and I am so thankful for that.

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  • Freedom’s School (Documentary)

    This is a segment of a larger documentary on youth violence prevention.  Centered around Freedom Schools, this documentary talks about the importance of a trust adult figure in a child’s life.  With the help of Pastor Alika Calloway of the Minneapolis, North side Kwanza church, my group was able to get a deep look into the need for children to have a strong mentor to trust and follow.  Together with me team members I produced and shot for the piece. [...]

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  • AMiL [A Moment in Life] (Narrative)

    AMiL is a film that shows the importance of a brief moment in life and the strength a small connection can have.  Milo and Tig have and unfortunate connection through the physical they received as children and through that they are able to be just the push they needed to help them move forward. As my senior Thesis film, I created this piece form the ground up, producing, directing, and editing the work until its completion.

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  • Adoption Assistance (Promotional)

    I directed a group that created a promotional video for the Children’s Home Society and Family Services.  The piece was meant to push donors to give just a little more.  I, along with my assistant director, produced the piece with the help of the amazing Pope family to show off the idea of adopting an older child.  Bringing light to a subject not often considered when thinking of adoption.    

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  • Dog Bowl (Commercial)

    As part of an assignment for an electronic field production class my partner and I were given the task to re-invent a product that supposedly was not selling well.  We were given dog bowls, two silver, dirty dog bowls.  After cleaning them up and realizing that sex sells we were able to begin our process.  Together my partner and I shot and edited the piece making our dog bowl commercial, would you buy them now?  

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  • New Orleans Sound (Documentary)

    New Orleans Sound is short documentary on the sound and culture of the city.  Traveling to New Orleans was an eye opening experience for me as it was my introduction to creating a work all on my own.  I produced everything from Minnesota, making phone call after phone call in the hope that someone would be willing to share their knowledge and to my good fortune connections were made. Once there I filmed for a week straight, navigating throughout the [...]

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  • Tutor Education (Educational)

    A freelance piece I created for the Saint Paul Public Schools Foundation to help them train their incoming tutors each year.  I directed and edited 12 short segments that, combined, created a full educational piece for them to use.  Being a one man crew on this projected opened my eyes to the vastness of the freelance world.

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Keep Up



    Urban Networks to Increase Thriving Youth, U.N.I.T.Y., is holding a conference here in Minneapolis.  The conference centers on Youth Violence and they have asked Barbara and a small crew to film the event. Highlighting the Minneapolis Programs that are involved in preventing violence within the cities, we are creating a short 5 minute piece for the city to use as promotional material  Visit their website at: Urban Networks to Increase Thriving Youth

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  • Saint Paul Area Council Of Churches

    Saint Paul Area Council Of Churches

    Working with Barbara Wiener and the Saint Paul Area Council Of Churches profiling both Project home and the Division of Indian Works Minneapolis Food Shelf, creating a promotional video that highlights the great work both organizations are doing as well as the need for continued donations. Want More information on the Organizations? click below to be taken to their websites Project Home Division of Indian Works Minnesota

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